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change alias single qoute to double 1 week ago
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fix bash-guide submodule 2 weeks ago
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. 2 weeks ago
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better we start with the bash guide ;) 2 weeks ago
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add bash tutorial 2 weeks ago
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update database information 2 weeks ago
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try better english spelling 2 weeks ago
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faq add "Q: can i make my scripts available to other users" 2 weeks ago
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update help index page 3 weeks ago
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add link to "what is pleroma?" 4 weeks ago
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update irc/znc note 4 weeks ago
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add pleroma 1 month ago
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website: shorter php redirect example 1 month ago
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view sshfp in codeblock 1 month ago
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add sshfp notice 1 month ago
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prevent some misstakes 1 month ago
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add "do not store password change to history" notice 1 month ago
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add mysql db help 1 month ago
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website: php redirect use only 302 for temp. (NOT 301 (permanent)) 1 month ago
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update 0x0 alias 1 month ago
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add info to contact via matrix 1 month ago
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small style fix 1 month ago
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add matrix service 1 month ago
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highlight 0x0 wrapper `pb` 1 month ago
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change to better `at` examples 1 month ago
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update scheduled activity (cron and at) 1 month ago
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write lowercase 1 month ago
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update faq 1 month ago
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changes to lowercase 3 months ago
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change submode learngit url to fork 3 months ago
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learngit: exclude ssh_setup-md 3 months ago
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learngit: readme.md renamed to index.md 3 months ago
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update learngit submodule 3 months ago
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i dont know how the submodules work 3 months ago
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try to update submodule 3 months ago
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rename adv_guides to tutorials 3 months ago
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add adv. guides - gitlearn from ben (https://github.com/benharri/learngit.git) 3 months ago
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add gitea desc. 3 months ago
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small update 3 months ago
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add faq 3 months ago
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update email help 3 months ago
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some more small changes on helppage 3 months ago
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some more small changes 3 months ago
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email: mailbox storage.. 3 months ago
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.. 3 months ago
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and some more forgotten changes 3 months ago
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only small modifications 3 months ago
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add some user acount feature to help page 3 months ago
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fix gemini help 3 months ago
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mark byoubu-disable as code 3 months ago