a computer strategy game - Star Lanes.
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Type "make" to build the starlanes binaries, then type "make fakeinstall"
which will, pretend to install everything. If all the commands and paths that
it's going to use look correct, then go ahead and type "make install" (as
root) to install the goods system-wide
or run it directly from the directory with ./starlanes

I removed the AI, at least for now
(feel free to add it back if you figure out how to properly fix it)
I also changed the company names slightly, and adjusted the stats for no reason
most importantly, after experiencing troubles where someone accidentally closed
the final stats screen, I modified it to only close when pressing Y (doesn't
matter if lower or uppercase)

there are still plenty of warnings left to fix,
but they don't affect the gameplay

jan6@tilde.ninja and jan6@envs.net
rest of the readme is written by other people

I would like to claim that the reason there is no
configure file is because for a small program
a configure file would be overkill but the
truth is that I don't as yet know how to make
one. Hence the make file may need adjusting.
For instance sometimes the curses program is
called plain curses and sometimes ncurses
It also expects there to be a /man/man6/ directory
in which case you should

Please, if you have any problems while installing
let me, David, know ("dejvid@zamir.net" and
"dejvid@barnsdle.demon.co.uk") even if you
solve them.

Of course you can always just change to the directory where
you installed starlanes and type "./starlanes"

"dejvid@zamir.net" and "dejvid@barnsdle.demon.co.uk"


This is a port to C from a version of Starlanes for the Osborne 1. The
original source is from a First Osborne Group (FOG) disk that I probably
picked up in 1982. The author isn't identified. Based on comments in
a TRS-80 version I picked up off the web, it would appear that it was
first published in Creative Computing magazine.