installs things into path by symlink
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Symlink files into the path. Defaults to $HOME/.local/bin. Also removes files from the inst dir with confirmation.


git clone
cd inst
ln -s $(pwd)/inst ~/.local/bin

(or, for that last line, ./inst inst !!! that’s the whole point of this!!!)


To install things:

inst [options] path [name]

When using it to install (without -r) [name] is an optional argument that symlinks it in with a different name than the filename in the original directory.

e.g., inst inst bla will install inst with the name bla, while inst inst will install inst with the name inst, because that was its original name.

It’s also worth noting that what you’re installing doesn’t need to be in the working directory, it uses realpath to make it work from anywhere, so you could also do something like inst /home/lel/Downloads/b/inst/inst and that would work.

To uninstall things:

inst -r path

This will prompt you for confirmation then remove that filename from the directory where inst puts things (once again ~/.local/bin by default; can be changed by env variable $INST_DIR, or editing line 6).

-h will show some help.

Misc. notes

If something isn’t working, make sure ~/.local/bin is in your $PATH.

This is really bad and I know that but I don’t care. I figured maybe someone would find it useful so here it is. I haven’t tested this outside my own setup at all and it’s entirely possible that there will be little problems that will require you to edit it slightly. idk.