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Wireguard (IK pattern) from Noise protocol framework on PicoLisp.

Mimics of any script from Wireguard's distribution.

How to repeat:

  • PicoLisp installed (64bit only)
  • Download Monocypher 2.0.5 and apply patch from repo (patch from author)
  • Install as shared library
  • test-all.l should pass tests then
  • run main.l and tcpdump
  • and you will see: two packets are handshake, two packets are send and receive pings, last keepalive
16:14:22.715850 IP > UDP, length 148
16:14:22.767553 IP > UDP, length 92
16:14:22.787473 IP > UDP, length 80
16:14:22.837615 IP > UDP, length 80
16:14:22.837830 IP > UDP, length 32
  • if you see ‘OK’ then all tests passed.

Note: test-phase1.l is minimum required handshake on place.